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​​Experienced and Talented. The Maracor Team​

Each Maracor principal has over 25 years of individual experience, specializing in a wide range of real estate development including institutional quality office towers, retail, mixed-use, residential, complex master planned communities, brownfield development, military base conversion, and urban redevelopment. ​

Maracor principals have entitled over 24,000 single-family and multi-family residential units and have built over 7,000 homes throughout the states of California, Nevada, Texas, Washington and Massachusetts. In addition, the Maracor team have entitled over 9 million square feet of commercial and retail property and constructed over 7 million finished square feet in California, Texas and New York. The Maracor principals have the breadth of experience to plan and manage all phases of a project, from vision to entitlement, remediation through master planning and development through occupancy.

Maracor principals apply their distinguished knowledge, proven management capabilities and market expertise to provide customized solutions, executable advice, and reliable financial counsel to maximize opportunities, enhance value, and produce optimal returns.

Our Executive Management Team

Brad Dickason | Principal

Mr. Dickason has over 20 years of experience in urban real estate development comprising over 30 projects across the western United States including high rise residential, office, destination retail, entertainment, historic renovation and infrastructure. Full Bio 

Christoper Hawke | Principal

Mr. Hawke has over 22 years of experience in the management of home building operations in 27 Cities and Counties across the state of California and has been responsible for the entitlement and development of over 12,568 residential homes with an asset value exceeding $3.0 billion dollars.  Full Bio 

Trevor Smith | Principal Advisor

Mr. Smith began his 25 year real estate career specializing in the field of environmental analysis, planning, and design. Mr. Smith has been responsible for the entitlement of industrial and residential projects including the entitlement of over 5,000 residential units in 20 projects located throughout the states of CA and NV. Full Bio 

Eric Harrison | Principal Advisor

Eric Harrison has over 29 years of experience in forward planning, entitlement, and development of complex master planned communities. Among the most challenging of master planned communities, Mr. Harrison was responsible for the forward planning and entitlement of the 5.0 billion dollar Mission Bay project. Full Bio